That New Attitude I Mentioned

So part of my new attitude is that I’m liking the idea of doing this blog.  Most business-self-promotion-related tasks just have to be done, but I’ve decided I kind of want to do this.  And that being required to formulate my artist thoughts (because I’ve said out loud that I’m going to do this) will be a good thing.

Acting on my resolution to get my artist self current online, I’ve been reading a lot – things like “Facebook for Dummies” and “Social Media Explained” and “The Tao of Twitter“.  (There’s only so far I will go.  I’m NOT tweeting.)  And looking at lots of facebook pages and blogs and timelines and profiles and strategies and statistics and hearing “content content content” and feeling like everyone’s been reading the same books.

I’d like what’s written in this blog to enhance the experience of looking at my art.  I’d like its presence on the internet to make me more accessible to people who are interested in me as an artist.

One of the most important things I learned from over 25 years of doing art fairs was how much people loved meeting the artists.  People who bought my work felt like I’d given them something, and they wanted to know me.  In spite of not being face-to-face, this may be an even better way provide some meaningful insight, because I can sit here quietly, writing regularly and thoughtfully, about some of what goes on with a serious artist.

Besides all the reading, I’ve been fluffing up my website, and laboring over a better bio, and writing an artist statement relating to my newest work.  All good, and satisfying to see progress being made, and now that I’m back in step, I’m determined to stay that way.  Because needing to spend so much time catching up has meant that this painting…

MARCI MCDONALD | St. Petersburg studio | 2014

… has been quietly, knowingly waiting for me for over a month.  And I really need to get dirty.  So today, I’m working!



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