MARCI MCDONALD | St Petersburg Studio 2017

There’s always a light on in my studio

Art has driven my work and play as long as I can remember, and making beautiful art has always been my mission.

A few years ago, coming back from a difficult period of loss and transition in my personal life, I felt an overwhelming need for a big change in my artistic life. At precisely the right moment, I read an interview with an extraordinary abstract painter who said that every serious artist has a responsibility to create NEW beauty – beauty as yet unseen, and unique to the artist.

That concept had a huge impact, and in recent paintings, I’m moving away from a lifetime of careful, refined images – however imaginative or surreal – toward a wilder place amid the staggering, unrefined beauty of nature, closer to where my spirit lies.

This new way of working calls for scale, for getting paint onto bigger canvases in wonderfully liberating ways. Making marks that are raw. Making powerful shapes with abandon and using extravagant curves that reflect earlier work but that no longer slow me down.

And using colors that move, in layers that skim and drift and accumulate and deepen and glorify one another – sometimes resulting in unnamed, transcendent hues that thrill and hurry me on.

I am in love with the paint.

I want this work to have a purely emotional mystery that strikes the viewer with the desire to come into the paintings, to see what it feels like, to see more, to know my intent.

My mission has only changed a little:  to make art of unquestionable quality, executed with ever-increasing skill, that isn’t just a different direction for me, but that hasn’t been done before. I am in search of NEW beauty.