New Exhibit Opening

I’m just going to act like it hasn’t been 1 year, 5 months and 28 days since I last posted here (and you may have read me saying out loud that I was for sure going to post weekly)…

So! News is that tonight is the official opening for the first exhibit of my most recent paintings, a group of abstract works that is entirely different than anything I’ve done before.

The event is also a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the brand new Hermitage Building here in St. Petersburg, and its shiny new first-floor gallery.

The exhibit has been organized and installed and promoted by St. Petersburg’s much-admired Morean Arts Center, and for me, the very best thing about the lengthy process of bringing this whole thing together has been meeting and working with the Morean’s own Amanda Cooper.

Here she is – Curator of Exhibits – up to her elbows in the manual labor part of installing the show (not just barking orders)…

… typical since she’s the farthest thing from the slightly puffed-up and condescending person so often encountered in her position.  Amanda is smart, warm, generous, genuine, experienced, has a passionate love of and interest in art – not just the business of art – and when it does come down to the business of it all, is first and foremost the artist’s advocate. She is cool, she is one-in-a-million, and I hope we have many more opportunities to work together.

Lots of invitations have gone out – both to the Morean’s huge mailing list, and to all the people connected to the real estate developer for the project, so it should be quite a crowd. And since I do need to make a living, I hope everyone brings lots of money – there’s food and an open bar – that always helps!  So I’m going to get dressed… and we’ll see…



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