Paintings – my own included – often look more beautiful to me on a computer screen.  More luminous.

What I like about this painting – just finished, acrylic on canvas, 40″ x 40″, title ‘simply, deeply’

MARCI MCDONALD | simply, deeply | acrylic painting on canvas

… which I think looks fine here on the screen – what pleases me is that it looks more beautiful standing right in front of it.  There are some really wonderful things going on with the paint, not really having color and composition in mind.  And THAT pleases me because it means I’ve learned some things since my last post (which was longer ago than I promised myself when I started this blog, and I’ll write more about that when I finish writing about this painting) about working more successfully with the paint I’m using.

Here it is in an earlier stage…

MARCI MCDONALD | painting in progress | 12-22-2014
… and some wonderfully wild things happened that I’ve pretty much learned how to cause, but more important, to preserve when I see them happening…

MARCI MCDONALD | painting in progress 2 | 12-22-2014

MARCI MCDONALD | painting in progress 3 | 12-22-2014

… (I often think I’ll feel like I’ve REALLY learned something when I can make huge, breathtaking paintings that I like as well as some of these detail shots, but as I’ve written before, I’m working on patience and a grown-up kind of acceptance of the fact that the radical change I’ve undertaken requires time and the ability to focus on the progress that IS being made).

Next to the picture of the painting in progress on the easel, it’s easy for me to feel like the finished piece is too refined, but I do like the complexity of the layers, and I think they are what creates its glow… I’m working on it.

And since I’d really like to post this today because I’ve promised myself to do it every Monday, I’ll write about why I haven’t been doing that next time.

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