I LOVE The Internet

Beautiful women are just so much fun to look at.  As are women who know how to dress – on the flashy side with a real sense of fashion and style and drama and what makes them look good (boy would you not know I have this interest by looking in MY closet!).

In my own head there is the work I do now, and everything else is B.A.  Before Abstract.  The B.A. period was full of beautiful women, and an obvious fashion element…

MARCI MCDONALD | dashade | silkscreen | 1991

MARCI MCDONALD | circlet | silkscreen | 1991

… and so at that time a collectibles marketer (Bradford Exchange) commissioned me to do a series of paintings for a set of plates with a very Erte-esque art deco theme.  I liked this one best…

MARCI MCDONALD | tango dancers | acrylic on board | c.1990

… and was looking online for a picture of the actual plate for my adorable sister who is working on an archive of sorts for my website.  (http://www.marcimcdonaldonline.com)  A search for “tango dancers” led me to the work of Brazilian artist Juarez Machado, and I HAVE to put some examples here…

Juarez Machado05

Juarez Machado 1941 Brasilian painter - Tutt'Art@ (26)


… even though my own images look a little pale next to his.  I absolutely LOVE some of his paintings.  And he is incredibly prolific, also a sculptor.  I had trouble with his translated website (http://www.jmachado.com) but there are a ton of images to see just searching his name.  GAWD I love the Internet.

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