By Far THE BEST WordPress Websites For Artists

Back in July I decided to do a new website using the enormously successful blogging/publishing tool WordPress.

This decision was prompted by the fact that pictures of my older work (which have been on the internet since 1998) continued to dominate image searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. – showing up instead of my newer, dramatically different work. And it was happening in spite of the fact that my then-current website was all about the newer work, with only a very abbreviated archive of sorts.  So I decided to start fresh with WordPress, which is known for being especially search engine friendly.

It’s also known for being an easy way to get a good looking website in very short order, but getting the hang of it all was taking me a while, so I went looking online for some help. And lucky for me, I ended up in exactly the right place. SO right that after a very short time on the incredibly smart, well-thought-out   ~~ ~~   website, I couldn’t send money to engage their help fast enough! exists because of Kim Bruce, a digital technology ace and an artist herself, with a list of accomplishments a mile long. is there because she saw a gaping hole created by the fact that artists (no matter how unsuited to the physical doing of it) have to have websites, and so she developed a brilliantly all-inclusive way to fill that hole. And simply put, she is the best at what she does.

For anything from a helpful analysis of a current website to the creation of a custom theme, and for the uncommon relief of working with someone who does everything she says she’s going to do (and sooner even) and who always, always answers email immediately…   g o   h e r e



One thought on “By Far THE BEST WordPress Websites For Artists

  1. Kim

    Marci, thank you for your kind words. I’m honored. Working with you was indeed a pleasure and one of this years highlights.

    Be your best!!


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