Monthly Archives: April 2015

A Milestone!

It sounds simple, I know, but I have finally arrived at what I’ll just call a ‘way of working’.  A gathering of processes I’ve struggled with while transitioning to abstract painting that means I can freely attack a concept with a rough idea of how to develop it, and move intuitively as I work, not thinking so much about what the paint is or isn’t doing.

It’s only temporary of course, and just one of many such transitory methodologies to come, but a milestone!

My mom and dad used to save the newspaper want ad pages for me to draw on when I was little (small type, nice and uniform, no bothersome big titles or photographs) and I so clearly remember settling down on the floor with those big empty pages, excited to begin.  I still feel exactly the same when faced with a wonderful blank work surface, and at the moment, feel particularly liberated – ready to devour them!

The  ‘impressions left by some kind of dynamic energy force…’ concept (see 9-20-14 post) is still with me…
MARCI MCDONALD | painting in progress | 4-10-15MARCI MCDONALD | painting in progress 2 | 4-10-15MARCI MCDONALD | painting in progress 3 | 4-10-15MARCI MCDONALD | painting in progress 4 | 4-10-15… and I’m working on it…